Office Coffee Reinvented

At Grind Coffee, our mission is to bring innovation to the office coffee space with
three unique value adds: craft product, customization, and unlimited pricing.

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As part of our unlimited coffee & tea model, we are the first coffee company to quote you a flat fee based on employee count without playing any games. If the number looks good, you can even schedule your installation, training & launch right then and there.

Customizable Programs

We have programs designed with your office persona in mind.
Look for the icons below on our different offerings:


The Purist

Back to basics, down to earth, real good coffee with professional equipment.

The Connoisseur

Perfection, reliably, in every cup made to order.


The Experimentalist

Personal, customizable, and nearly endless experiences for the discerning and adventurous.


The Flexer

Time is money. Customizability, quality, reliability, but with less fuss and cleanup.

Office Craft Coffee

  • Millennial driven focus on fresh, innovative and high quality products.
  • Consistently searching out the newest trends from nitrogen infused hibiscus tea to shade grown organic coffee.
  • Bringing the artisan coffee and tea house experience into the office to help with the work life balance.


Custom Program

  • Our 20,000 sq ft brewery allows us to roast custom blends, provide an infinite number of options, and even source specific ingredients for large enough clients
  • Rotation and variety based on seasonality and regular employee surveying

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Unlimited Program

  • A tailored experience between company and service provider.
  • Unlimited artisan roasted coffee beans, craft tea selection, keg selection, and allied products including green sustainable custom mugs, glassware, and espresso cup solution!
  • Bringing the artisan coffee and tea house experience into the office to help with the work-life balance.

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Café Build Out

  • Completely customizable café build out or capsule (temporary installation) including architectural, electrical & plumbing consultation, equipment provision.
  • Staffing & consumables provision. Custom hours, selection & pricing models.
  • Can scale up to a full service 4-6 barista model and down to a 1 person capsule with no build-out required.