Life Begins After Coffee

Learn more about our state of the art roastery below.

Grind Coffee was founded by LeanBox owners Peter Roy, Shea Coakley, and Kyle Roy in 2016. They recognized a need to provide LeanBox clients with affordable, quality office coffee that would fit within their budget. Thus, Grind Coffee was created. In order to create a great tasting affordable office coffee service it was vital to take out the middleman to directly import and roast high quality, gourmet coffee. By 2018, Back Bay Roasters was opened in Wilmington, MA. This is a state of the art roastery owned by the LeanBox brand where everything is custom roasted, blended, and brewed to supply the Grind Coffee office services. We are proud to serve our customers impossibly fresh products at the lowest cost possible and be the only vertically integrated office coffee provider in New England.

Our Philosophy

Looking around you’ll see an increasing number of third-wave coffee shops popping up to meet a rising demand for a better cup of coffee. Yet, office coffee typically remains the same: stale, pre-packaged, and many times a last resort for employees. This is where Grind Coffee steps in.

Our aim is to drastically improve the quality of office coffee through delivering fresh locally roasted beans to your office.

We are convinced that by elevating office coffee culture, you can expand business possibilities, increase productivity, and make employees happier. Above all, we know that it doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive. We promise to be there every step of the way.