Scaleable Cold Brew Keg Subscriptions for Your Office

Choose keg delivery frequency and adjust based on seasonality or head count

Keg Options

Cold Brew Kegs: Made from the highest quality Ethiopian & Honduran coffee beans
Nitro Kegs: Cold brew infused with nitrogen for a smooth and foamy cup
Kombucha Kegs: Fermented tea, low in sugar and caffeine
Tea Kegs: Cold brew teas made with high quality artisan leaves

For a complete list of all our cold brew offerings visit our products page

About Our Kegs

We offer a variety of coffee equipment as a part of our office coffee service offerings, guaranteed to give you the prefect cup every time.

Grind Coffee is able to provide the freshest kegs on the market by using our own coffee beans that are roasted on site, daily. Freshly roasted coffee and premium whole leaf teas allow us to craft perfect craft kegged beverages.

For more information about our kegerators please visit our Equipment page.